I-Que Intelligent Robot

September 17, 2015
by bigdad09260
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Meet I-Que Intelligent Robot.

"The world's smartest robot" has become the nickname of this amazingly intelligent robot. Ranked amongst the best 10 Xmas toys for 2015. The I-Que Intelligent Robot is yet another intuitive creation coming from Genesis Toys Inc. A robust polycarbonate plastic hulk like figure. He is able to hold a conversation to an excellent level of intelligence. It was really no surprise when the 11 inch tall I-Que Intelligent Robot was voted the best in his class at the 2015 Toy Fair's Gadget of the Year Award. With his ability to captivate children with his zany personality and mechanized sense of humor. This will enthrall your children especially if they just happen to be lovers of techie toys or mechanical robots, making this the toy for them.

Exceptional aspects of the I-Que Intelligent Robot.

  • Employs some outstanding text to speech technology. An aspect that will capture and engage every child's attention.
  • Completely motorized: Ensuring that the gestures that accompany his spoken words are completed in unison.
  • Equipped with a highly efficient processor within his brightly colored body. The principal motive for the possession of such high class artificial intelligence.
  • The ability to hold lifelike conversations, and also present and reply to quiz questions in an amazingly easy way.
  • Equipped with a "safe search" filter for the internet. This allows him to search for the answers to many questions online.

Let's expand on some of the above details.

About text-to-speech technology

The text-to-speech technology incorporated in the I-Que Intelligent Robot is far superior to comparative robotic toys. Differing from other text-to-speech models. The I-Que Intelligent Robot does not appear to stutter or repeat things unintelligently. Additionally the interactive keyboard included with the robot has an easily used interface. Something that lends itself to ease of communication.

Intelligent and Captivating

Try connecting to any smart device, android or iOS apparatus. The I-Que Intelligent Robot is amusingly gifted with a sense of humor. This comes from the ability to search and find answers to questions online. The most lifelike conversation imaginable. His replies are often unpredictable whilst being positively understandable, unlike other similar robotic toys. This feature adds up to a lively and spontaneous interaction with the I-Que Intelligent Robot.

Exceptional processor.

Have you ever thought that your kid's IQ would one day be comparable to a robot? Well due to the superior quality processor within this polycarbonate robot, that day may have arrived. Even when not attached to a smart device he is still able to adapt to games like an action model with more than 6 points of articulation.

Fully Motorized with the ability to mimic jokes accompanied by amusing sound effects.

Undoubtedly the most impressive feature of the I-Que Intelligent Robot is his ability to speak and imitate various personalities. Additionally he comes equipped with some amazing special effects. He will also move around and act out a point just like a real person would do. Captivating your kids with questions and answers that can be compared to a comparative human intelligence.

Is the I-Que Intelligent Robot the best choice for my children?

A resounding, yes. Even more so if this is their first robot toy. The captivating motions and conversation of this robot will most definitely keep them enthralled for many hours. Beware, it may be difficult to get them to take interest in their school work while this little buddy is around.    

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