Matchbox Treasure Tracker

Matchbox Treasure Tracker
August 13, 2015
by David Simmons
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Treasure hunting is always a sure bet to make everyone enjoy the fun of the search and find and generally have a good time. Now with the arrival of the new Matchbox Treasure Tracker from Mattel, a toy truck with a built-in metal detector, treasure hunting is within the reach of everyone, especially the little ones!

How Much does it Cost?

Available now on Amazon, the Matchbox Treasure Tracker from Mattel has a list price of $29.99. But for a limited time it is now available on Amazon for the reduced price of $25.86 ..... So Hurry and get your kids one for Christmas!                          Check out Today's Price HERE

Who Would Buy The Matchbox Treasure Tracker

The Matchbox Treasure Tracker has been designed to be a perfect fit for kids age 3 and up, meaning that just about everyone can enjoy its captivating treasure hunting skills. This is proving to be an exciting interactive toy for both boys and girls of all  ages. If think it may be too advanced, and therefore uninteresting, to an 11 month old child, you would be wrong! Right out of the box kids will be using the power button, lowering the metal detection bale, using the handle to drive it around, and spinning its jumbo wheels round and round. (See what other users are saying HERE)

Things That We Like About The Matchbox Treasure Tracker

  • We like the fact that this is not a typical toy truck, this is something special! It is fitted with a built-in metal detector that will quite easily find small items or objects, even if they are buried in up to 6 inches of sand.
  • The sensitivity of the detector is really very effective. It can detect small objects and anything metallic.
  • The mechanism of operation is quite simple and straightforward. You allow the truck to drive through a patch of sand with the treasure sensor turned on. When it detects an object buried on the sand, it will begin to make a beeping sound, and a flashing red light will begin to flash on the truck.
  • Once you have found your treasure you can dig and search for it. This is where the truck bed, which is detachable, converts into a sifter and scoop enabling you to dig up the treasure you have just found.

Things That We Did Not Like About The Matchbox Treasure Tracker

A detection depth of six inches is already impressive enough,  but if they made it deeper, we’d be even more impressed with it.

Is There a Guarantee?

Mattel has not yet released the full details of the warranty or guarantees applicable to this product. However, knowing Mattel, customers should certainly feel at ease knowing they will be protected with a Mattel warranty.

Is The Matchbox Treasure Tracker Worth The Money?

It is generally agreed that, at $29.99, the Matchbox Treasure Tracker is very reasonable priced. Considering the endless hours of fun to be had with this product, this price is really very reasonable.

Where Can I Buy The Matchbox Treasure Tracker?

Mattel’s online store will definitely have the Matchbox Treasure Tracker available for sale. Authorized sellers of Mattel products also have this in stock. If you prefer making your purchase online, the best and most reliable all round site is of course Amazon. Amazon sells Mattel products and is even generous with discounts. Check Today's Selling Price HERE.

Final Thoughts For The Matchbox Treasure Tracker

The Matchbox Treasure Tracker will stimulate a new desire in your child. A desire for this new found adventurous treasure hunting, the Treasure Tracker by Mattel is a captivating toy to play with, giving them a helping hand on their search for unfound treasure troves!

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