WowWee MiP Robot

WowWee MiP Robot
August 10, 2015
by David Simmons
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WowWee MiP Robot is a robot that has emotions! Emotions that inspire it to play with everybody. Well, that's the message that WowWee is trying to transmit to you by way of the toy's multitude of audio responses and interactive games. MiP (an abbreviation of Mobile Inverted Pendulum) actively interacts with you while rolling everywhere on its two supportive rubber wheels. This appealable robotic buddy will manoeuvre around, spin-dance to music, and generally express its very own captivating emotions with shouts, moans and groans. At the special offer price on of $79.77, it's a more than reasonable price to pay for a free spirited robot with a load of fun interactive potential.

How Much does The WowWee MiP Robot Cost?

The recommended price for this amazing balancing robot is $99.99. But for a limited time it is available on for the discounted price of $79.77. (20% Reduction off List Price) For LATEST PRICE check HERE.

Who is The WowWee MiP Robot for?

Toy robots have often been associated with violent acts, so it is understandable that some parents may be wary of them as toys for their children. So it's enlightening to see that toy manufacturers are understanding the toy consumers needs. Toy robots that in fact do more than wage war or fight. The MiP Dancing/Battling/Balancing Robot is an amusing and highly entertaining toy robot that is perfect for kids of all ages. Even adults will be struck by how captivating and full of fun this versatile robot is! The WowWee MiP Robot will definitely be a 2015 winner amongst parents and children alike.

Things We Like About The WowWee MiP Robot

The WowWee MiP Robot not only looks exceptionally attractive it also has a futuristic look to it, not unlike the Stormtroopers from the Star Wars films. What is very different, however, are the wheels that it manoeuvres about on. The unique dual wheels that the WowWee MiP Robot are mounted on operate in a similar way to a regular Segway. Despite having only two wheels, it is amazing how this toy robot can balance in a gymnastically effortless way. And when it breaks out its attachable tray and also starts balancing items on it as well, the entertainment factor can bring applause from the onlookers. We like very much how the MiP Dancing/Battling/Balancing Robot can be controlled in a variety of different ways. It is possible for it to receive commands via Bluetooth, or through the free MiP app, which is available for both iOS and Android. The app in effect turns your smartphone or other mobile device into a remote control that will steer and maneuver the toy robot around. But what is the most impressive feature of all is how the WowWee MiP Robot responds to hand gestures and motions. This is due to the GestureSense Technology integrated into the design. The GestureSense Technology utilized in the WowWee MiP Robot is truly very impressive, giving the robot a high rate of sensitivity, so that it will react to even the slightest movement.

Forget about the WowWee MiP Robot being only a toy. It is far more than that. It balances on dual wheels, demonstrating a stability and balance is undoubtedly very impressive.

Would you like a robot for your best friend? Here you have one! Treat it right, and it will return the sentiment. Treat it bad, and it will also react the same way. Yes, incredibly this is a robot with emotions and a personality.

Things We Did Not Like About The WowWee MiP Robot

The WowWee MiP Robot can become over excited and fall flat on its face. This could be a problem, but a problem to be overcome as some may see it as a challenge in dominating the art of controlling the robot.

Is There a Guarantee?

The WowWee MiP Robot is well-made and the company maintains high quality control standards. You will also feel more at ease knowing that the product is covered by their warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship.

Is The WowWee MiP Robot Worth The Money?

This is quite an impressive toy! Initially you may bristle at the price, as it is a decent chunk of change to lay out for any toy, but we think that at the end of the day you will find it has been a worth while purchase.

Where Can I Buy The WowWee MiP Robot?

You can go directly to WowWee and place your orders for the MiP Robot there. Or alternatively you can check out the other authorized retailers and distributors. Amazon is undoubtedly one of the most reliable online marketplaces, and it also happens to have the WowWee MiP Robot available with the added advantage of their free shipping option.

Final Thoughts For The WowWee MiP Robot

The WowWee MiP Robot is the one and only MiP Dancing/Battling/Balancing Robot with a heck of a lot of personality and capabilities! This impressive WowWee MiP Robot is definitely a great addition to anyone’s toy or robot collection. Interact with it, play with it, and most of all have fun with it!

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