Real Life Growing Root

Real Life Growing Root
August 9, 2015
by David Simmons
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When the Guardians of the Galaxy film came out, one of the characters that captured the most attention was Groot. Uncle Milton now came up with an almost-perfect replica of Groot – and it grows too! – with the Real Life Growing Groot.

How Much?

No price has been announced just yet for this collectible-slash-toy, which will be due out before the end of the year.

Who Would Buy The Real Life Growing Groot?

For starters, avid fans of the movie franchise will definitely want to add to their collection. The Real Life Growing Groot is a unique collectible, in that it is actually sentient. Of course, even those who are not familiar with the movie will also find themselves drawn towards this growing Groot. Those who are also looking for an educational toy that manages to be fun and very interesting at the same time will also turn to this Uncle Milton creation.

Things We Like About The Real Life Growing Groot

As a movie replica, it looks exactly like the Groot that we have come to know and love in the films. This baby tree looks so adorable that we cannot help but feel all fuzzy about it. And when it starts dancing, there is no doubt that it is one of the best collectibles to come out of the franchise.

As a science kit, it is interesting to watch it grow, just like a real tree would.

But there is another function that the Real Life Growing Groot performs: as a night light. This is thanks to the series of small glowing LEDs that are embedded in the vine, wrapping around the character. The effect is really something to see when the lights are off and you turn it on.

Things We Did Not Like About The Real Life Growing Groot

The dancing Groot is ensconced in a small pot and is surrounded by fake grass. Nothing against fake grass, really, but it would have been nice if it were not fake. Still, we have to commend the designers for making the grass look realistic.


Availability, price, and warranty and guarantee terms applicable to the Real Life Growing Root are still unannounced.

Is The Real Life Growing Groot Worth The Money?

Whether you are a fan of the film, a parent looking for an educational and scientific toy, or simply looking for something unique and refreshing, there is no doubt that the Real Life Growing Groot is worth having. Of course, we will still withhold our final judgment until the price is announced.

Where Can I Buy The Real Life Growing Groot?

These days, there are many brick and mortar and online stores that sell movie replica and collectibles. However, if you are having trouble finding those sites, you can simply head over to Amazon. They also sell these products, and even give huge discounts for them! The generosity does not stop there, because customers may also avail of free shipping on most of the merchandise being sold.

Final Thoughts For The Real Life Growing Groot

If you loved Groot in the movie, then you will love this growing and dancing Groot even more!

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